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Black History Month

Dial Interaction

I created this circle menu interaction in Articulate Storyline in February 2023. This interaction gives users the opportunity to explore material independently and can serve as a great way to check for knowledge at the beginning of a web-based training. I used Articulate Storyline, Adobe Illustrator and Storyset to create the final product.

Course Development Overview
Development Tools
Storyline 60%
Adobe Illustrator 30%
Storyset 10%

Rise 360 Course - Power Washing

Course Development Overview
Development Tools
Rise 360 50%
Vyond animations 25%
Audacity 15%
Storyline 360 10%
Development Time: 25 hours
My Role: Instructional Designer & eLearning Developer
Development Tools: Rise 360, Vyond Animations, Audacity, Storyline 360
Challenge: A local brick-staining company asked me for help developing an online course to help them train and certify a nationwide distribution of painters.  I was asked to create a flexible course that allows clients to skip sections of information they already know and and to create a course that includes a knowledge check at the end of each section.
Solution: This course includes all of the necessary information about power washing along with knowledge checks and a final assessment that will count towards each client's certification.  Clients may skip through sections of information they already know but they must take the final assessment in order to move on to the next course.
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